-60% Silver-blue-green sequins - € 21,8 instead of 54,5 / m

  • € 2,18
  • Save € 3,27

Sequin fabric in green, blue and silver. The fabric stretches. Can also be used to create fun applications! If you like to make a dress or skirt, add a firm stretch fabric as lining, like a punta di roma, otherwise the sequins will sting a bit :)

The skirt in the picture is the Kirsty skirt from La Maison Victor (edition 6 - nove-dec 2015). I used 60cm of the fabric, quantity depends on the length that you want to make. The gray stretch fabric was used as the underskirt and waistband (can be found in the plain fabrics).

100% pol

fabric width: 130 cm

Price per 10 cm: 2,18 instead of 5,45 euro

The fabric is sold per 10 cm. For 1 meter you enter 10 pieces. The fabric is cut into 1 piece.