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Maison Fauve

Maison Fauve - Nage Libre jacket

Maison Fauve - Nage Libre jacket

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Nage Libre is a versatile jacket that you can use in all directions. Nage Libre has a tight, straight cut with a large collar that accentuates the neck and chest and flared raglan sleeves. Moreover, Nage Libre looks modern and dynamic due to the nice detail in the back. You can make Nage Libre with or without collar and both in a long version below the knee as in a short version that covers the hips.

As a bathrobe, Nage Libre is ideal for diving into after a swim, but in a different fabric it becomes a nice overcoat for the evening. Let your inspiration run wild!

The pattern goes from size 34 to 52. 

This is an English paper pattern. You will receive a radar sheet and work description in English.

The seam allowances are included in the pattern pieces. 


  • Fabric (width 140 cm) for a long version: 200 cm for sizes 34 to 38 - 240 cm for sizes 40 to 42 - 260 cm for sizes 44 to 52
  • Lining (width 140 cm) for a long version: 140 cm for sizes 34 to 38 - 150 cm for sizes 40 to 44 - 170 cm for size 46 - 210 cm for sizes 48 to 52
  • Fabric (width 140 cm) for a short version: 140 cm for size 34 - 180 cm for sizes 36 to 42 - 200 cm for sizes 44 to 52
  • Lining (width 140 cm) for a short version: 100 cm for sizes 34 to 36 - 120 cm for sizes 38 to 46 - 145 cm for sizes 48 to 52
  • Ironable interlining (eg G700): 100 cm
  • 4m piping to emphasize the details and cut (optional)
  • Matching sewing thread

Fabric advice

Depending on the desired result, very smooth or with more structure. You can sew the jacket in viscose, cotton satin, crepe or light to medium weight jacquard, fine wool, fine gabardine.

Difficulty: average.

Technical points are the application of the collar and the lining.

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