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Maison Fauve

Maison Fauve - Metropolis cardigan

Maison Fauve - Metropolis cardigan

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This elegant jacket with a modern look is double-breasted (trompe l'oeuil), a well-constructed cut and hidden pockets. You can add two vertical strips for an extra trendy look.

The pattern goes from size 34 to 52. 

This is an English paper pattern. You will receive a radar sheet and work description in English.

The seam allowances are included in the pattern pieces. 


  • Outer fabric without the extra strips (width 140 cm): 140 cm for sizes 34 to 44 - 165 cm for sizes 46 to 52
  • Outer fabric with the extra strips (width 140 cm): 155 cm for sizes 34 to 44 - 185 cm for sizes 46 all 52 
  • 130 cm liner
  • 1 meter iron on interlining 
  • 12 knots with a diameter of max 18 mm
  • 2 strips of sleeve stuffing for the sleeve cap
  • 2 epaulettes
  • Matching sewing thread

Fabric advice

Jacquard, gabardine, denim, velvet, fine wool. Medium weight fabrics around 150 to 250 gr/m2. A smooth fabric for the lining.

Difficulty: 3 / 3

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