-50% Lotte Martens - Rose handprinted panel - € 24,95 instead of € 49,9 / panel

  • € 24,95
  • Save € 24,95

The Lotte Martens printed panels are handprinted in her studio in Belgium. The polyester viscose fabrics are solid, high quality woven fabrics with a slight gloss. They are perfect for sewing skirts, dresses and shorts. The material wrinkles less than cotton and therefore it gives your garments a more dressed look, the viscose makes it breathable.

This fabric is a panel of XNUMX cm height at XNUMX cm width. The indicated price and quantity is per panel!

The plain fabric without printing is also available. You can use both to, for example, make a dress.

65% polyester 35% viscose

Washing instructions: wash at 30 °, do not tumbe dry and do not iron on the print

Width: 140 cm

Height: 60cm
Price per panel!