-50% Green pleated blind - € 16,3 instead of 32,5 / m

  • € 1,63
  • Save € 1,62

Green and black pleated fabric. For skirts of course! This is less suitable for dresses because you cannot put a dart in it. 

For a long skirt, take the width of your hips, this is the minimum width of pleated fabric that you need. For a half-length skirt of approx. 70 cm length you can take half of this width because you can cut the fabric in two pieces in the middle.

The fabric is measured stretched out and so you get double the width that you need. For example, hip width of 100 cm. Then you order 1m fabric for a long skirt and we send 2 meters stretched, which is about 1m pleated. For a half-length skirt it is then half the above!

100% pl

fabric width 150 cm

The fabric is sold per 10 cm. For 1 meter you enter 10 pieces. The fabric is cut into 1 piece.