Fine pleated fabric with yellow and green print - 49,5 € / m

  • € 4,95

Fine pleated fabric with a print in yellow, green, black and off-white.

This material must be worked in counter thread.

You can cut the fabric in two in the middle, then you have two equal pieces of approximately 70cm. This is then the maximum length. You need twice the amout for a long skirt. The selvedges have a white border so you have to finish the bottom of your skirt with the overlock machine.

To know how much fabric you need, at least take the width of your hips with extra fabric to gather. Of course, you determine how much yourself, but a guideline is 30 à 40% extra.

For example: I want a pleated skirt with a midi length (so max 70 cm). My hip width is 105cm. I take 35% extra, around 140 cm. You then divide that by two, so 70cm fabric.

Other variants of this pleated fabric are also available.

100% pl

fabric width: 147 cm

Price per 10 cm: 4,95 euro

The fabric is sold per 10 cm. For 1 meter you enter 10 pieces. The fabric is cut into 1 piece.