Dark blue pleated fabric with pink flowers - piece of 110 by 70cm - € 43

  • € 43,00

Soft pink wide pleated fabric with green, tropical plant print - piece measuring 110cm by approx. 70cm

With this piece of pleated fabric you can make a skirt of about 70cm in length. The pleats run across from left to right or vice versa. Because you have 1 piece of fabric, you only have one seam where you can use your zipper, or which you can stitch up if you put an elastic on it. The selvedges have a white border so you have to finish the bottom of your skirt with a rolled hem with the overlock machine. 

With this amount of fabric, you can easily make a skirt up to size 44. For smaller sizes you first have to narrow the fabric by cutting a piece off the side. To know how much you should have in the fabric, take the width of your waist with some extra seam value for the zipper (definitely take 4 cm!). If you prefer to have the skirt a little lower under your waist, take the width there. At this point the pleats of the finished skirt are closed up and they open slightly from your hips. The amount of fabric for a midi skirt is then your measured width (plus the seam allowance). 

If you want a longer skirt, you have to order the same width but from the pleated fabric per meter. 

You can also finish the skirt with an elastic, which you then stitch on by stretching the elastic (because it's difficult to gather the pleated fabric). 

The pleats are 3 cm wide

Other variants of this wide pleated fabric are also available.  

composition: 100% pol