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Marie Karo

Bath tea

Bath tea

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Our bath tea consists largely of oatmeal, which has a purifying, calming and soothing effect on the skin. The ancient Greeks and Romans already knew that a bath in oat milk does wonders for the skin. In addition to the oatmeal, we have added lavender flowers, chamomile flowers and essential oils, each of which in turn enhances the calming, soothing effect of this tea.

Instruction manual:

1. Put about 15 g of the bath tea in the tea bag and close it well. Make sure that the ingredients do not spill out of the bag.

2. Place the tea bag in the bath that is running full or hang it under the tap. You will see that the bath water around the bag quickly becomes cloudy, these are the plant extracts that mix with the water.

3. You can also use the tea bag in the bath or shower as a scrub, rubbing it over your body removes dead skin cells.

4. By gently squeezing the bag, the nourishing oat milk comes out abundantly, you will notice that the oat milk has a wonderfully full cream-like structure that you can massage into your skin.

5. now fully enjoy the soothing effect of the bath tea and treat yourself to a wonderful moment of wellness.

6. After use, you can hang the bag to dry, you can possibly use it a second time.

7. When all active ingredients have disappeared from the tea, you can empty the bag (after drying) over the bin. All ingredients are 100% biodegradable.

8. You can rinse the bag like a metal tea bag or wash it in the washing machine and then use it again.

9. If your pot is completely empty and you still don't have enough of our delicious bath tea, buy a handy refill pack and continue to enjoy!

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