Atelier Jupe - Poppy & Cara summer dress pattern

  • 17,50€

poppy is an elegant summer dress with elastic waist and shoulder straps. Or maybe you feel more for her little sister Face, same pattern but thanks to the cut sleeve you get a very different result. Thanks to the three different skirt parts, you can really endlessly vary with Poppy and Cara and make dresses in which you will really shine this summer.

This pattern is from Atelier Jupe, a new Belgian brand of fabrics and patterns. 

This is a paper pattern, you will receive a radar sheet and work description.


  • Fabric: see the table below
  • matching sewing thread
  • ironable lining: 40 cm
  • Elastic 7 mm wide

Fabric advice

Use supple fabrics and opt for viscose, tencel, non-static polyester, etc. Stiff fabrics such as heavier cotton are not recommended because the dress will not fit nicely.

Difficulty: 2 / 4