Reward program

We have a point-saving system, which can be used online or in our brick store. Your purchases are saved on your personal account and you receive points for each purchase, one per euro spent, which you can convert into a discount for your next purchase when you reached a 100 points. But that is not everything! You will immediately receive 100 points when creating your account! And because birthdays come with gifts, you will also receive 5 points for every birthday! Which corresponds to a discount of XNUMX euro. From now on discounts can not only be used in the store but also online!

But how do you do this online. An explanation!

Of course we didn't invent this ourselves :) Our webshop has its own app, called Smile. You can find it on every page of our website, and it looks like this:


If you click this button, you can create an account:


Enter your details and click on CREATE. You enter your account, here you can also click on the 'rewards' button, you get the following overview:

It shows how many points you currently have. The system needs to process your new account for a while, but then it will immediately have 100 points!

At 'ways to earn' you see the different options for earning points. Enter the date of your birthday and you will receive 100 when that fun day arrives!


To use your saved discount with an order, click on 'all rewards', here the following screen pops up where you click on 'reason':


Through the black sphere, which you can slide to the right, you can indicate how much of your discount you want to use:

After you have clicked on 'reason', a button appears on the screen that you must copy by clicking on 'copy code'.

Enter this code in your shopping cart under 'discount' (by pasting the code you copied into it) and press 'apply':


Your discount is granted!