Something different than a sweater for the hubbie :)

Something different than a sweater for the hubbie :)

After sweater number x it was time for something else for the hubbie. In the spring edition of La Maison Victor (May-June 2019) is the fun Louis shorts for men. The husband happened to be needing a new short and our new striped jeans screamed to be sewed! 

I made a a medium. The gentleman has a nice looking body, I'm allowed to say that :) A nice figure, small waist but firm thighs due to years of volleyball. He therefore does not easily find his taste in shorts. One tailor-made then :) But I didn't adjust anything beside the waist, I narrowed it a bit. And for the next short I will narrow it a bit more (although he likes his shorts hanging on the hips :)). 

The striped jeans shorts also allows you to play with the stripes. I let the stripes run vertically for most of the shorts, only on the back pockets, I run them horizontally. Looking back, I should have done this also for the inside of the front pockets, which makes it even more playful. The short does not have a separate waistband to put on it, so you cannot play with the stripes here. 

The pattern itself is not very difficult and as we are used to from La Maison Victor, very well explained and pictured. It requires a bit more work due to all the different pattern parts, front and back pockets and decorative stitching that you have to give. And your sewing machine has to work a little harder because of the jeans fabric. But ultimately a top result! I put nice wooden buttons on it from Veritas and folded the bottom of the short instead of stitching it. I thought it needed something extra. 


The short has not been off his body this summer (it has been washed several times though :)). He enjoyed himself at the coast on holiday as you can see! 

The fabric is an Italian jeans fabric with light stripes from 100% cotton at 19 euros ameter. Click on the picture for the link!

Lot's of sewing greetings,


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