A high-summer top: the Josie!

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I made it a while ago and it is already well worn this summer: the Josie boxy top by Fiber Mood. It is a free pattern from the fourth edition of the sewing magazine and you find it here .

The Josie boxy top is another option of the pattern from the fourth magazine and can therefore only be downloaded on line. Do not be immediately disappointed by the cut-and-paste job, there are not too many pages:) And it is worth it!

Very important: the pattern is a boxy! That is a short top that shows your belly. Not my cup of tea (anymore). The bare-belly days have passed for me :) But don't panic, the top is easy to extend.

You cut the pattern of the front halfway between the dart and the bottom, slide the desired distance downwards (for me that was 10 cm, but measure this for yourself first!) And you put a piece of pattern paper in between. How to extend or shorten, you can find here it's well explained on the Fibre Mood website. Then draw the new side seam. For the back you do the same at the same height. For the back button pad you simply add the same length (you just have to adjust the position of the buttons, but you can also do this at the end when you make the buttonholes).

I sew the top in one evening ! The instructions of Fibre Mood are very clear, both in terms of explanation and drawings! There is often criticism that they can only be consulted digitally or that you have to print them yourself (don't do that!) But digitally you can sharply enlarge the drawings, which makes it even more clear! We will need to get used to the digital sewing world in the future, where the patterns and descriptions will only be offered digitally ... But this does not have to be a disadvantage!

The button pad at the back completes the top and the front and back facing ensures a nice and neat finish for the armholes.

The fabric that I used is an Italian cotton that has a linen look and is lovely to wear! Very light in the summer! It was very popular, so the fabric was sold out in no time. But don't worry, we have this in another, soft rose-orange color, also super beautiful! Click on the photo for the link. And you only need one meter of it :)

Thanks to @astridnickfoto, our house photographer, for these great photos!

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