The Mira by Fiber Mood: a new summer favorite!

The Mira by Fiber Mood: a new summer favorite!

He had been on my mind for a while, a romantic Mira. But you know, time ... In our store we had the perfect combo: the off-white double-gauze fabric from Atelier Brunette and a beautiful Greek lace. I still had a piece of the lace at home. Perfect! 

The Mira pattern by Fibre Mood is a simple sewing project that is very popular, as all creations on instagram and the website of Fibre Mood. A top piece without darts with a button at the back, a middle piece and bottom and a somewhat wider sleeve. You have to be for the oversized model, which is certainly not the case with me :) But because you have to frown the middle part and bottom part, you can narrow it to your own taste. The flexibility of your fabric is very decisive here. I had a double-gauze cotton which does not come through very smoothly. I have not changed anything on the top part, but I have narrowed the middle part and the bottom part firmly. I narrowed the middle part by about 40cm in total (so about 20cm per pattern part), the bottom part certainly 70cm (35cm per pattern part). The fabric consumption of Fiber Mood is often quite generous, also here. Just by narrowing down the bottom building and doing some puzzling, I only needed a 1,8m double-gauze! 

The dress is also rather short I think. I am of course 1,80m tall so extending is a standard activity for me. By adding the lace, I already extended five centimeters twice, I also extended the top piece 3cm and the bottom one as well. I shortened the sleeve 5cm because I also wanted to put on a piece of lace there. 

Adding the pieces of lace was not difficult at all! Some customers are insecure about working with lace because it would be difficult to sew. Nothing at all! It goes really smoothly! I first cut bars from the Greek lace, you can easily cut along the curves of the lace and then cut straight at the top, as in the pictures below:


I then closed the lace at the side seams so that I could slide it nicely over the upper part or the middle piece. Put the good sides of the fabrics together and stitch on 1cm from the edge. Then I turned the lace to the front, so with the good sides of the fabric facing you. Just iron flat and then add a topstitch, just next to the edge of the double-gauze so that you stitch the seam for extra strength. 

Really, I'm so how happy with it! Fortunately, nice summer days are coming to wear it! And thanks also to my sister for this great photo, a top picture!

Inspired? Both fabrics can be found through the link below:


Lot's of sewing greetings,


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